Keep Your Customers Updated
The fastest way to get the most advanced branded Change Log or Updates Page!

Keep your customers updated
Get an advanced change log or updates page in few minutes

The use cases could be:

  • Change Log
  • Product Updates
  • Release Notes

Engage your audience
keep your customers in the loop

Customers can get updates via:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Telegram, Viber, Whats app, etc.
  • Email, SMS, Slack, etc.

Get feedback and Monitor statistics
Segmentation and Targeted Notifications.

You get:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Segmented Users
  • Targeted Notifications

More Features

The most advanced Change Log on the market

Keep Customers Updated
Share your last updates with your customers using text, images or videos. Make your post more visible and get better attention.

Custom branding
Change the colors, set your logo and link it with your sub domain

Post scheduling
Plan your updates in advance, you can easily schedule the updates in future.

Multi Languages
Become local and post in different languages to get better feedback

Ready Integrations
Ready integrations using Zapier. Integrate YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp. Instagram and +1000 more with 2 clicks.

Get access and manage your account easily using our REST and GraphQL APIs

WordPress plugin
Our ready Plugins like Wordpress plugin will save you a lot of time.

Advanced Analytics
Measure the performance of your announcements by knowing how many users are clicking, views, location, etc.

Pinned Posts
Pin the most important updates to keep it on top for a certain time

Rate & Feedback
Get feedback on your latest updates and news

SEO Optimized
The stand alone page is SEO optimized and will improve your domain rank.

Custom segments by industry, product, role, location, etc. Send segmented notifications and get better results

What's New?

We support plug & play widgets and single page

Success Stories

Few words from our happy customers

Mohammed Al-Shamisi

You made it so simple. My new change log page is much faster and easier to work with than my old one, i highly recommend.

Stefan Hommels

The most i like is that i can keep my customers updated and get their feedback on the updates we do

Zhi Sun

Segmentation and targeted notifications is a killer feature

Recardo Dias

Much more features and much cheaper than competitors

Steve Williams

I was not happy with previous provider but i couldn't change because of the huge updates page we have, i have moved in 2 minutes here using \"import existing page\" feature, great work guys!
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