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Essetnials Free Startup Growth Professional
Monthly Unique Users 2500 10000 25000 50000
Projects Number 1 2 3 4
Posts Per Month 50 500 1000 2000
Multi Languages 1 2 3 4
Team Members 1 3 4 5
Single Page
Menu Widget
Right Block Widget
Custom Logo
Custom Domain
Import your existing page
Subscribers Management
Custom Scripting
Pinned Post
Post scheduling
Advanced Analytics
Custom Categories
Push Notifications
Zapier Integrations
Branding Removal
Multiple Categories
Post Comments
Post Reactions
Post Social Sharing

What is Import Existing Page feature?

Import Existing Feature is a tool for importing all your current posts you have made on another platform, we support right now:
1. Get Beamer:
2. Noticeable:
3. Headway:

In case you are using another service and we don't support it, please let us know and we will try to add it to the supported options.

What is a unique visitor?

We mark a visitor as unique visitor based on his IP address, browser, etc., we count all unique visitors no matter if they open your single page or any of the widgets.

Do you have an unlimited plan?

Yes, in addition to the current plans we have an unlimited plan. In case you want to have an unlimited plan, please contact us to discuss all details.

What is project number and how i can use more than one project?

Most of the companies have more than one project or product, managing everything from one place is much easier and faster. You can add more than project/product and assign different users to manage them.

What do you mean with posts per month?

We count how many posts do you have per month and this is limited by plan, the more posts you do the higher plan you would need.

Can i post in more than one langauge?

Yes, we support Multi Languages. You can post in any language we support, to have more languages you could need higher plan.

What is custom domain?

By default and in free plan the page is hosted on our URL, in case you want it to be hosted on your domain like then you need to setup custom domain. All you need to do is to create such sub domain, link it with our domain using CNAME and define it in Custom Domain section in your dashboard.

Can i pin a post?

Yes, you can pin as much as you need posts. They will be pinned to top and stay there no matter how many posts you post after that.

Can i schedule my posts?

Yes, you can plan your posts for the next one month for example and forget about them, we will take care and make sure that they appear all on time based on your needs.

Can i setup my own categories

Yes, you can setup your own custom categories. For each category you can set a different name and different color.

Can i brand the page with my branding and set my logo?

Sure, you can upload your logo and change the main colors as you want.

How easily i can link my updates with Facebook, Telegram or MailChimp?

We have integrated Zapier, you can link your account with any application in Zapier like Facebook, Telegram, MailChimp, Instagram, etc. in few clicks.

Can i use right block widget and single page togheter?

Yes, once you have a page you can use all available widgets. You can setup menu widget somewhere and the right widget on other page while you keep the main page on your sub domain.

Do you support comments and reactions for the posts?

Yes, you can enable comments or reaction on any post you want, it's very useful to get your customers feedback and decide what to do next in your product.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure, you can cancel it anytime. Once canceled we stop the next payment and switch your account to Free then.